Understanding and enabling multicloud solutions on the journey to digital maturity

A global mission

80% of multicloud solutions comprise public cloud.  Public clouds continue to exceed expectation to provide storage, compute, Db, security and DevOps solutions. Using multiple cloud providers to deliver SaaS, IaaS and PaaS has become standard business practice, leveraging company data, working practices and customer experience. Private cloud delivers transition to public cloud as legacy applications evolve and have some specific use case advantages. In practical terms multicloud allows you to:

  • Make changes to one platform independently of others
  • Adopt cloud first for scale and cost
  • Leverage enterprise architecture
  • Retire old technology – eliminate the redundant
  • Standardise technologies
  • Effectively leverage data

A24 makes multicloud work securely

The digital journey

Digitally native companies attain billion dollar levels in as little as five years.  Speed of change means traditional companies digitise or fail.  Leading non-native digital companies on the journey to maturity include businesses such as Walmart that are investing heavily to maintain or extend their market position.

Digitally Active companies deploy digital transactions, marketing, communications, analytics and metrics.

Digitally Engaged companies have digital solutions and processes that pervade the organisation with a defined digital strategy.

Digitally Competitive companies use digital solutions to derive revenue and use predictive analytics to create actionable revenue generating solutions.

Digitally Mature companies, frequently digitally native, have machine learning or full AI capabilities embedded to gather, analyse and turn customers data into channel agnostic customer journeys delivered across multiple channels and devices.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society – Infoworld

Greater digital maturity translates to greater value.  The initial gains of data libraries via “Systems of Record” develop multiple times of value through “Systems of Engagement”

As companies move forward in their digital journey the visible emphasis is on the  SaaS solutions that they use and the uplift in customer and other stakeholder experience, ultimately through delivery of processes and services that are tailored to immediate needs.

Less visible is the underlying architecture that makes all of this possible – the cloud – and more recently multicloud.

A24 focuses on design, deployment and operational management of multicloud services that are hosted in the public cloud and transitionally from private clouds.

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