A24 Four-Stage Methodology enables us to deliver the right solution for your organisation.

1. Discover

  • Data Flow Opportunity Analysis (DFOA)
  • A combination of expertise, experience and software tools map the current data flows around a multi-site organisation, with its partners and customers and its interface to the cloud
  • We identify opportunities to improve data availability, security and the resiliency of the infrastructure

2. Design

  • Create – The output from the DFOA informs the design of a stronger networking, compute and storage infrastructure tailored to the needs of your business – today and future growth
  • Evaluate – we assess and recommend the best tools to use and the best structure to meet your objectives
  • Plan – we build a plan that will ensure minimum disruption to your people, with full communication of what is happening when and deliver the migration to the new infrastructure within an agreed timeframe

3. Implement

  • Action – we undertake the migration implementation with full testing and validation using standard proven procedures developed through working with many clients
  • Calibrate – final testing and refinement of the infrastructure

4. Manage

  • Global Operations
    • – 24/7 monitoring and reporting
    • – Incident and Resolution reporting
    • – Multilingual support desk
  • Global Facilities
    • – Dedicated facilities team
    • – ‘Rack & Stack’ construction
    • – ‘Lift & Shift’ migration
  • Continuous Improvement
    • – SLA and Compliance Reporting
    • – Periodic Service Review
    • – SOW, SOP, SLA adjustment
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